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This is okay. This is just a moment that will haunt me forever.

I just feel like flogging a some dead horses.

The latest episode of Heroes is fucking awesome.

I loved George Takei's role, if only for the fact that he's talking Japanese the whole time and he doesn't really speak it (he was born and raised in California). But it's Christopher Ecclestone who continues to steal the show.

I have to admit I'm actually kind of surprised at how good How I Met Your Mother continues to be.

I mean, by the show's very definition, it continues to refuse to get to the point (indeed, at this stage it's stopped even acknowledging the point). Yet it keeps being one of the sweetest, funniest shows ever, so I can't bring myself to fault it.

Of course, as far as funny goes, no-one can beat the Brits, and Peep Show just keeps getting better. I'm working my way through season 2 at the moment (won't take long), and each episode just seems funnier (and more cringe-worthy) than the last.
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