Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

There's only one catch, and that's Catch-22

Okay, it's not such a terrible Catch-22, but basically I have to choose subjects and then take those subject choices to my appointment with a course advisor.

However, I am also wanting to get credit for my Diploma, and to find out about that I need to talk to the course advisor at the above-mentioned appointment.

So, I have no idea what subjects I'm meant to pick until I talk to a course advisor to find out what credits I get, and I'm meant to have my subjects picked before I get to that appointment.

Anyway, I'm not completely devoid of initiative, so I've selected subjects as if I'm getting no credit, and then I'll alter my subject selection at or after my appointment based on how much credit I actually get. And, at the very least, I know what subject areas I want to study.

Another question is whether the single subject I managed to pass at Melbourne Uni the first time around will count. As far as I know there is a ten-year rule, meaning the study doesn't count if it was more than ten years ago. But, is that ten years from the resumption of study, or ten years from the completion of study? I did the subject eight years ago!

P.S. I completely forgot that Melbourne Uni offers Cinema Studies. I am officially chuffed.
Tags: uni
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