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02 July 2007 @ 01:12 pm
Fox "News"  

Mmmm... fair & unbiased.

Turns out I'm the victim of a "fad".
Current Music: ABC Science Online - the Lab - 2007-06-28 Ozone Smell at the Seaside
escarpeescarpe on July 2nd, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)
My favourite bit is when the female anchor woman says "Oh yeah, well the miricle of the birth of a child will turn you right around on that one"
I couldn't help but desperatly want Bill Hicks to be part of the panel at that point....I feel that he would have had a way of blunty changing her mind...I think you know the quote I mean.
In part they are right, Atheism is a fad at the moment but the fact that it is popular in the media or with publishers does not in any way mean it is wrong or should be dismissed.
It's funny becasue these people don't look like Emo's (except the priest of course who is as Emo as they come) but I doubt that they dismiss anything else becasue it's popular infact quite the opposite I would think. But they are right on another point, people shouldn't follow things becasue they are popular, they should listen to both sides, reasonably consider the arguemnts and then finally agree with me....I mean decide for themselves. Of course people like me have the smugness of saying "I liked athiesm before it was popular" and fortunatly I have the journal to prove it.