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You get back what you put in

I worry about what people I have never met think of me, judging from my online persona.

I find myself in some storm-in-a-teacup argument and wonder if the other person thinks I'm a real jerk.
They probably do, but why am I in the argument in the first place?
Because I voiced an opinion, they disagreed, I disagreed back-- that's an argument right?
There's nothing wrong with a good argument, some people pay to have them, but why take things personally?

I feel that livejournal is like a big mirror, what people say to each other is a reflection of the previous comment.

If you argue with me, I argue back.
If you say "nice icon", I say "nice icon" back (or just "thanks" if your icon has Justin Timberlake on it).
If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

Sometimes I'm a little more sarcastic than I should be, but, geez, look at the title of the journal.
Oh, wait, I changed that.

Anyway, I just wish people would keep their sense-of-humour on full alert before they read any comments, rather than their sense-of-moral-objection.
Look for humour first, then look for offense.
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