Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,


During the day on Monday I was fine, no symptoms of anything.
By the early evening I had a throat tickle and a very slight cough.
By about eight o'clock I was overcome with fatigue and took myself off to bed and had some fitful, feverish sleep.
My body alternated between burning up with fever and shivering with cold
When I awoke, I was sure it was something like 4am, but it turned out to be just after midnight and I'd only had four hours sleep.
I watched some downloaded TV shows, before taking some night-time cold and flu tablets and going back for more feverish sleep.
All day Tuesday I alternated between TV and sleep, with muscle aches and fatigue the least of my troubles, since my head was constantly pounding, and the only painkillers I could find were the night-time cold and flu tablets, which would only increase my fatigue, so I didn't want to take them.
Eventually I found some Nurofen, and that's when I finally started feeling better.
I finally ate for the first time in about 24 hours on Tuesday night, and felt even better still.
I've managed to get through today with only one brief nap, so I think I'm on the road to recovery.
Oddly enough, though, as my aches and fatigue symptoms have lessened, my respiratory symptoms seemed to have worsened.
Now my nose won't stop running.
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