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That's pretty far out, man

Today I was wondering why the hell David Bowie doesn't have a knighthood.
It turns out that he took the entirely sensible option of turning it down when it was offered to him back in 2003 (as he did the CBE in 2000).

In not entirely unrelated news I am (more than ever) completely in love with Natalie Portman.
However, it did almost make my head explode when, not long after I got a delightful glimpse of her lovely derriere in the short film Hotel Chevalier1, I saw her all wide-eyed and innocent in a preview for what looks like a delightful new family flick about a magical2 toy store, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

1. A lead up to the OMFG NEW WES ANDERSON4 FILM *squee*, The Darjeeling Limited
2. Actually magical, not magical in the way that pretty much all3 toy stores are
3. Except, and I'm sorry to say this, those toy stores that only stock stuff for babies and pre-schoolers - booooring
4. The man doesn't make movies, he makes orgasmic brain candy. And, by the by, here's best wishes to Owen Wilson, one of Wes Anderson's partners in awesomeness. I hope he's recovering well and gets all the help he needs (and apologies for the terrible appropriateness of the song).

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