Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Hey, Abbott!

I've known that Tony Abbott is complete scum for quite some time.
The issue I have is that I worry that it's not necessarily as obvious to the average person on the street. You know, the kind of average person who is "not interested in politics".1

Over the last couple of days Abbott has sunk to brand new lows and in the sort of way that makes him look really bad to, well, anyone with an ounce of grey matter that happened to watch the news.

I love that Liberal Party sympathisers have been jumping up and down about Peter Garrett making a policy back-flip and how much of a gaffe that was. You know what, I don't think that having to correct a policy looks nearly as bad as having the gall to question the motives of an asbsestos victim seeking government assistance for purchasing his medication. Or having the arrogance to show up half an hour late to a televised debate, and telling your opponent that she's talking bullshit when she presses you on the fact that it was an avoidable error.

Anyway, I'm feeling too gleeful about this cretin shooting himself in the foot to give him the full vitriol he deserves, so thankfully we have the ever delightful Helen Razer to do that job for us.

1. Argh! How can you not be interested in politics, people? Politics affects everything, from the price of bananas, to your ability to get that life-saving operation in a timely fashion, to exacty how likely we are to get involved in a protracted war.
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