Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

More Facebook fun

On Facebook I use an app called Sports Fan to show which sports team I support.
It allows you to add a team to the database if it isn't there already.
I originally wanted to add Globo Gym's Purple Cobras, but while the add team function is unmoderated, adding a sport apparently requires a significant number of people to request it, and then the app's creators will add it (facists). Of course, dodgeball was not listed as a sport.

Luckily, American Football is, and so I added The Sunnydale Razorbacks instead. It took less than 24 hours before the team had its second fan, bearing in mind that that's without any publicity whatsoever, the guy would have to have either been looking for it, or stubled across listed in the obscure category of American Football>High School Compititions [sic] (the category already existed, and it seemed best not to rock the boat). Anyway, if you have a Facebook account, and want to add this team to your own list, click here.

In other, more brain-explody, Facebook news, I was contacted yesterday by a girl I went to primary school with (and have seen maybe once since then, back when I was in high school). It gave me fewer paroxysms than when one of my ex-girlfriends contacted me, but was of course filled with the whole "my contemporaries are all married and successful, and I am still at uni and living at home" freak-out.

I feel old.

Apologies to those of you who are older than me (except for you successful and happy people: screw you).
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