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30 Days of Night

Fucking awesome!

Easily one of the best vampire movies ever (struggling to think of any better right now), but it really owes more to George A. Romero than to Bram Stoker or Bela Lugosi. Like all films in the survival horror genre, basically every character has at least one TDTL moment, but they seem to fit the characters well and it doesn't have too much of the screaming paranoia that I think sometimes mars Romero.

It is worth noting, either as a recommendation or a warning, that the gore in this film is dialled up to 11. I worry a little about my mental health when, during the very goriest of scenes, I'm sitting there laughing my butt off. I think it's really just the nature of the beast, though, the gore is probably just too over-the-top to illicit any real fear reaction - I can tell you I wasn't laughing when I saw Wolf Creek, for instance. It's really about tone, I suppose.

Anyway, it's certainly a film that doesn't pull any punches. From what I can gather it's a pretty faithful adaptation of the original graphic novel, and that really shows in the delivery of something far superior to the usual Hollywood fare.

I think the woman behind me said it best when, as the credits rolled, she turned to her boyfriend and said, "We should have gone to see Fred Claus." Best recommendation ever.
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