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I was just watching First Blood on TV1, when the storm blocked the sattelite signal.

I mean, yay for rain and all, but I hadn't seen it before and was really enjoying it.
How did such a great and thoughtful film, with themes on the effects of war on the human psyche, the abuse of authority and man's inhumanity to man, spawn some of the most ridiculous pro-war, mindless-action sequels (to the point where the character's surname has become synonomous with the whole "one-man army" genre)?

Oh well, I saw the DVD when I was last at the video store, so I'll have to pick it up to watch the last half.

It's interesting to note that the upcoming 4th Rambo film is titled simply "Rambo" in similar style to the recent 6th Rocky film being called "Rocky Balboa". It does kind of do your head when you think about the fact that "Rambo" is the sequel to "Rambo III" and that one could argue that the second film in the series has the same name, just with the sub-title "First Blood Part II".

Also, Stallone is totally on the juice.

Oh, and I just thought of something else that's hilarious about this film series.
Rambo III has Rambo teaming up with a group of poor, oppressed Afghanistani freedom fighters who went on to become... the Taliban.
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