Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Happy New Year!

I had an awesome New Year's Eve down on the infamous Mornington Peninsula with the lovely Monash choir people.
Totally unexpected last minute plans always seem to turn out well, even if I did end up sleeping in the car to avoid the mosquitoes outside and the snoring inside. :)

Drove back in slightly less sweltering heat than the day before, in the car with no air conditioning.
I got home a touch after 12 and ended up sleeping from about 1 until 8.
Oh great, thought I, now I'm going to be up all night (again).

Somehow, instead, I ended up getting to sleep some time before midnight and woke up at about 8 in the morning.

But it gets better.

I then fiddled around on my computer for an hour or so, before flaking again and waking up at about 12:30.

It seems the Sandman did come to collect on that sleep debt after all.
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