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Interests meme

First the copypasta portion of the meme, from insomnius:

I am interested in your LJ interests! I offer for your consideration a modified version of the meme:

Comment on this post and I will choose (no more than) five of your listed interests to ask you about. You can tell me about them in a comment or in a post of your own (or not at all, if you are a meanie). If you would like to know more about (no more than five of) my interests, you can ask about them in a comment as well. You don't even have to post an icky meme in your own LJ!

elmore leonard

Elmore Leonard is, of course, the very talented author who is probably most famous for penning the novels on which the films Get Shorty and Jackie Brown were based. I think I would probably describe him as the Coen Brothers of novellists - in that his novels usually involve crime, have varying amounts of humour (some are straight-up funny, some have a much darker streak, but the humour is always simmering below the surface) and usually involve both anticipated and unexpected violence. His books are always, if nothing else, thoroughly entertaining.

hugh laurie

Believe it or not, I was a fan of Hugh Laurie long before he put on an American accent and started ranting about lupus. I'm not sure you could ever describe Stephen Fry as "the straight man", in any capacity, but Hugh Laurie was always the sillier of the pair, something that reached glorious heights in his work in the Blackadder series. These days he is the sole reason I continue to watch House, despite the fact that the stories infuriate me.

juniper bushes

Not only the focus of one of the more memorable scenes in Life of Brian, the juniper bush is, of course, the source of juniper berries. I've never actually eaten a juniper berry, but they are one of the major flavouring agents in that most magnificent of liquids - gin. That makes juniper bushes pretty special in my book.


I have an unnatural attraction to stationery that almost reaches the level of fetish. I have many notebooks lying about the place, with only a few pages filled in, because I can rarely resist the lure of brand new ones. Oh, and shiny new pens and pencils. Mmm... and I love the smell of a brand new pencil case.


A philia is an obsessive love or an unnatural attraction to something, the best known examples being paedophilia and necrophilia. Xanthophilia is the love of the colour yellow. I have had a bizarre attraction to the colour yellow since I was an infant, and seperated the yellow blocks from the rest of the pile and played with them exclusively. It is something I don't really understand, since I can't think of anything that actually looks good in yellow (I certainly don't wear yellow clothing), but at the very least I always claim the yellow piece when playing boardgames.
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