Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,


The history of this nation is one that I'll readily tell you I'm not proud of.
The treatment of this country's first inhabitants has been and, in so many ways, continues to be nothing short of horrendous.
Today is one of those rare moments in the history of Australian indigenous affairs that I can feel proud of.

Much is made about whether an apology should be made by those not directly responsible.
The Australian Government is an ongoing entity, separate from the John Howards, Kevin Rudds and Brendan Nelsons that only occupy it for a brief moment in time.
The Australian Government was culpable at the time these atrocities were committed, and so it still bears that responsibility now.
Kevin Rudd is merely the spokesperson of the government, and he recognises his responsibility to make amends for the mistakes that government has made in the past.

And the government represents the people.
So, however indirectly, the Australian people, as a whole, are responsible for the crimes committed against indigenous Australians.

I personally didn't invade this country in a tall ship, nor wrench a baby from its mother for the crime of being half black.
But, just as I inherited my place in this glorious nation, I also inherited responsibility for the crimes committed by my forebears in the paving of that nation.

So, as a non-indigenous Australian, I'm a truly, deeply sorry, not just for the Stolen Generations, but for all the injustices wrought upon the original inhabitants and true owners of this great land.
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