Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

My random thoughts of the day

00:18 Finally worked out what I was doing wrong in LoudTwitter. Hooray! My blog will now be filled daily updates of my insane ramblings! #

00:24 Can't wait to start poetry classes. It'll be nice to be in a class full of students who don't groan at the notion of writing poetry. #

10:08 My sleeping patterns seem to be improving again. Now if I could only stop waking up with horrible pins and needles in my arms. #

12:03 Are there bloke peas to go with chick peas, or is the masculine nature of ordinary peas implied by our patriarchal society? #

12:20 It's a little weird listening to a song about Christmas, but I can't bring myself to skip such a lovely song. Yay for Sufjan Stevens! #

12:59 @insomnius Yes, we're all on our way to clear. #

16:57 @lukeii And updates via mobile if you're really keen #

17:01 @lukeii I thought you meant about how you can post TO Twitter from mobile. My point was that it goes both ways. #

17:07 Twitter is starting to seem less like talking to myself #

17:09 Anybody want to buy a house? tinyurl.com/365yko #

17:58 Blergh. I'm going to go jump in the shower. #

20:48 @insomnius They have bearcats at Melbourne Zoo en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binturong #

21:27 I'm trying to decide which Coen brothers film I want to watch #

23:23 Damn! We're in a tight spot! #

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