Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

30 Day Challenge

It's day one of the 30 day challenge, in which I and some friends attempt to write 30 poems each in 30 days.
Day one, and I have just written the most emotionally draining poem I have written in a good long while.
Already the challenge is proving useful for my writing.

If you wish to join us, the info is here. The poetry tips and such seem to be pretty well written, although there are things here and there that I disagree with (you're capable of working out what advice you wish to follow, I'm sure) - but the important part is that at the end of each of the 30 relevant articles is a poetry assignment for that day.

Sorry, to those that think insomnius was being entirely sensible by not directly linking to this in her journal, but I'm not nearly so sensitive to other people's inability to not get involved in things they shouldn't. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads my journal is a mature legal adult, so you can figure this shit out for yourselves.
Tags: 30 day challenge, words
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