Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

My random thoughts of the day

I wonder how many people who bought a Betamax also bought an HD-DVD player

A cool change is as good as a holiday

@kbrower I believe "watch this" (and variants) is one of the most common last words amongst males

Cats are the only creatures I know of that have mastered the art of the affectionate headbutt

Mmm.. kiwi fruit is furry and tangy, especially when you eat the skin. It's the best bit!

@insomnius Mini-insomnius!

@insomnius You know Monash people. The people you know tend to be geeky types. Seems possible some of these might be SCA types.

I think I shall play some Kakuro

The bugginess of Twitter is starting to irk me a little.

Hidden tracks were cool back in the days of vinyl, but in the age of CDs they just screwed up shuffle. They're even worse in the mp3 era.

@lukeii I added ephant and her updates appear on my page, but I can't get her to appear on the list of people I'm following

@lukeii Opera

I think Media Watch should be compulsory viewing for all Australians. I subscribe to it in iTunes, because I'd never remember otherwise.

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I've deleted the timestamps and such for the sake of readability. If you need more info about the precise time that each thought occurred to me, please visit my Twitter page.
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