Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

My random thoughts of the day

  • 09:27 AFC Champions League tickets arrived this morning. Que cera cera!
  • 11:07 @lukeii All three sets
  • 11:07 @ephant They probably deserved it
  • 11:22 @lukeii No, three seperate envelopes.
  • 14:00 Hmm... missed call from @lukeii. I wonder what he wanted.
  • 14:27 Sri Lanka sent Australia in to bat. Interesting.
  • 14:40 Would Channel 9 please do us all a favour and get rid of bloody Tony Grieg? No-one is interested in hearing him crap on about Jacques Kallis
  • 14:43 Ponting dropped on 0. Make them pay Punter, FFS!
  • 14:45 Grieg is still crapping on about Kallis! This series is between Australia, India and Sri Lanka. You wanna talk about Sth Africa? Go there!
  • 14:50 Why's everyone missing the point that Symonds got the top bid in IPL, not 'cause he's the best cricketer, but 'cause he's the best at 20/20?
  • 14:51 @lukeii Piss off.
  • 15:06 @lukeii Everyone in the media I meant. 140 characters is just not enough.
  • 15:10 Ooh, a run. How novel!
  • 15:22 @lukeii Shut up.
  • 15:32 Invasion of the Bodysnatchers: Aliens have kidnapped Ricky Ponting and replaced him with an English cricketer.
  • 15:49 Maharoof, Maharoof, Maharoof is on fire. Bugger.
  • 15:49 @lukeii Planning on getting into a scuffle with some Chel$ki scum on Sunday, then?
  • 16:04 @ephant Obv.
  • 17:15 I have such little respect for the Oscars, but I'm still cheering for the Coen's to win joint best director.
  • 17:38 They just showed an ad for Monster House, but it's been axed!
  • 17:46 That was an extraordinary catch. Hogg is unlucky.
  • 17:58 184 is a terrible total, but Australia has proved that it's defensible. We shouldn't win from here, but we could still do it.
  • 18:36 You beauty! Golden duck!
  • 18:48 Stuart Clarke is putting his hand up for man of the match. Australia's off to a flying start in defense of that total!
  • 19:06 Sri Lanka will be lucky to make 100 at this rate. i love it!
  • 19:11 It's a pity I already refuse to ever be a Commonwealth Bank customer, because otherwise I'd boycott them for having such awful ads.
  • 19:31 @insomnius Is that for the latest A Softer World or Overqualified? Because both are hilarious!
  • 19:33 @insomnius Ooh, the plot coagulates!
  • 19:34 Sri Lanka are starting to get back on track. It's time for another wicket!
  • 19:36 Hopes is unlucky as all hell, that missed the stumps by a bee's cliche. That's the worst looking four I've ever seen.
  • 19:44 Joey Comeau distracted me and I missed seeing the wicket, although I did catch the first of many replays.
  • 20:15 Damn it, we need another wicket.
  • 20:20 The fear of rain & a Duckworth-Lewis loss seems to be the reason behind Sangakarra playing a wild shot to give Symonds an easy catch.
  • 20:21 I wonder if my spamming Twitter with my amateur sports commentary has caused any of my friends to switch of SMS notifications...
  • 20:22 Richie Benaud just made a joke about Sangakarra saying "fuck". "He's summed up his feelings... in one word"
  • 20:38 Despite the fact that the rain is going to give Australia the win if it doesn't stop, I'd much rather watch this battle continue :(
  • 20:44 @frabjousday Aren't you in that crazy country where they charge for incoming SMSs? You probably don't want all my cricket spam, I'm guessing
  • 21:52 Someone needs to tell the guy in the Godfreys ad that his comb-over is fooling nobody.
  • 21:57 @ephant Well, Aussie Rules football in February is pretty ridiculous, really, even if the Bombers are whipping the Bulldogs.
  • 21:59 @ephant Still, at least in the footy rain doesn't stop play. Certainly not with the roof on. Maybe the sports should have swapped venues.
  • 22:10 Well, it's officially over. Australia wins under D/L and get the bonus point to boot.
  • 22:27 Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour. o_O
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