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From futurelegend

This week, I have mostly been:
Reading: ljdrama.org, all sorts of different lj communities and, all right, I'm addicted. D&D books (geek).
Listening: to Bill Hicks, who was very, very funny and uncannily had pretty much all the same opinions as me on politics, religion and everything else, ten years before I had them... and then died.
Playing: Meeklits (not impressed, recommend Snood).
Researching: Alternate rules for playing Monster Characters in D&D (uber-geek).
Writing: short stories, novel, not enough of my screenplay and far too much on lj.
Applying: myself? Not nearly as much as I should.
Making: stupid pictures for my webzine "Pretzels".
Being: really slack about actually attending school.
Seeing: spots from too much lj.
Believing: that Bill Hicks was one of the most brilliant minds of the late 20th Century, and Denis Leary really is just an asshole.
Planning: financially, but not particularly well, and a Hallowe'en party, but not particularly well.
Deciding: to get off my butt and do some work... tomorrow.
Pushing: the definition of "80% attendance".
Wanting: to be a rich and famous best-selling novelist and screenwriter already, you know, without all the hard work and poverty.
Needing: to get of my butt and go to school, and some kind of chocolate milk drink.
Continuing: to be far more optimistic than, well, everyone else.

... and the meme is, you add a trigger word of your own and continue on, so:

Feeling: sad for no particular reason today, which was why I didn't make it to school. Bizarre. And I normally have such a sunny disposition. (I'm still optimistic.)
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