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The post I attempted to make from my mobile phone didn't show up. Stupid lj via email. Nah, I blame Optus.

I went to the movie marthon last night, so I guess I should review the fillums.

Kill Bill Vol. One
Hmm. I'd have to say that Quentin Tarantino is not really a very good director. He has written some amazing screenplays, which is the real reason Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are such brilliant films, but his directing has never really been all that inspired. Jackie Brown in particular is just a serviceable novel adaptation. With Kill Bill, I am sad to say, his directing has reached a brand new low. To say that this film is self indulgent is an understatement. I fear that delphaeus has been fooled by Tarantino into thinking that this is an "art film". It isn't. It is over long, with way too many dramatic pauses and pensive moments of quiet reflection. The cinematography is overly complicated to make the film look more impressive than it really is. Tarantino's trademark witty, bantering dialogue has been reduced to b-grade cheesiness, and if you can find a plot somewhere in this you must be Sherlock Holmes. After saying all that, however, I must admit that the film was actually fairly enjoyable, but only on a base level. It is very, very violent - in a schlocky horror film kind of way, that makes it funny and kind of a hoot in a visceral way. Not for the squeamish, but there's plenty of action for lovers of that kind of thing.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates. Johnny Depp.
What more do you want?
(Sorry for the brief review, but I've seen this one before.)

Bruce Almighty
Mediocre comedy starring Jim Carrey. Despite the fact that everyone these days claims to loathe Jim Carrey, I genuinely enjoy most of his films. This one took too long on establishing the plot before warming up into "funny mode", and just wasn't all that funny once it got there. However, it was funnier than it should have been, since we were watching this one at 5am. I'd suggest waiting for this one to come out on TV. Morgan Freeman played an excellent God, however. I bet this movie's on the KKK's top ten.
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