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Have been having something of an argument via email about astrology and its validity or lack thereof.

I can understand that my scepticism over this kind of mysticism may seem hypocritical, given my belief in God and all that, but the thing that amazes me is that people can believe in something that you can easily prove false.

Read this.

Astrology has been shown in many numerous studies to be a big load of crap. Simple as that.

I'm very open about most of these things, and you won't find me immediately dismissing your claims about Feng Shui, aura reading, Tarot cards, ghosts, crystal energy, out-of-body experiences, or most "New Age" beliefs. The reason I will usually spit venom on your beliefs in astrology is that I've done my reading. I have seen it time and time again dismissed through scientific examination. Even more importantly, I have read plenty of books on astrology, and plenty of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/lifelong horoscopes, and I am aware of the kind of generalised mumbo-jumbo language they use to trick people into thinking it is accurate. It is the psychobabble trickery that I object to. Astrological readings are deliberately formulated to trick you into believing them - so I have difficulty believing that the authors of these books aren't fully aware of the scam they are pulling.

Just finished watching Series 5 of Buffy. Good stuff.

Who wants to go and see a David Lynch double feature at the Astor on Monday December 15th?
Blue Velvet and Lost Highway.
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