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It's just not cricket

Watching the Australian Cricket Team annihilate Bangladesh.
All out for 97 in a Test Match...
Australia currently 1/31

I've been talking to parakleta about religion, and it's an interesting way to get a perspective on your own beliefs, to bounce them off someone who doesn't share them. As long as that person isn't a complete butthole that tells you what you should believe and doesn't let you explain your own views.

I'm pretty comfortable with my Christianity, but I don't really believe in organised religion.
I hardly ever go to church and I'm comfortable with that.

I really just believe that we should love each other.

That means never intentionally harming another human being.
So killing is right out!

The only time I would consider it okay to kill another person would be to stop them harming someone else, a third party.

I would allow someone else to kill me before I would kill them.

Then there is the What's-Her-Name Choice dilemma.

Some evil Nazi-type guys have captured you and two people that you love dearly.
They offer you a choice.
They are going to kill one of your loved-ones.
Your choice which one.
If you refuse to choose they will kill both.

Assuming you are powerless to stop them:

Which do you choose?

I would refuse to choose, because choosing would mean colluding with them in the murder of the person you choose. If they then kill both people it is on their conscience alone, you refused to participate and are therefore not responsible in any way for their actions. If you pick someone to die you are at least partly responsible for the death. You could argue that you are participating in both deaths by not choosing, but that is not true, you are simply not participating. Of course, you have to say nothing and simply refuse to partcipate. If you say, "I won't pick, kill them both" you are still sort of participating. But if you just clam up and refuse to pick, the act of murdering the two people is completely the responsibility of the perpetrators, and you are no more to blame than if you had been absent from the process. Your conscience is clear. If the question is pick who you want to die, you or the other person, then you should pick yourself. Even if the other person is a complete stranger. That's what I believe.

I still think the solar eclipse is proof of the existance of God.
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