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Rented some videos the other day.
Thought maybe you'd like to know what I thought.

Gone With The Wind
Well, this movie is the very definition of melodrama. Scarlett O'Hara's rather stirring speeches tug at the heart strings and leave you wondering just who the fuck she is talking to. This film was made in the era when a film was a play on screen - this movie (despite some "action" sequences) is driven by dialogue, dialogue and more dialogue. The video even had an Entre'act, Intermission and Overture - just a still picture with music (which is one better than 2001 which doesn't even have the picture). The three and a half hours would be pretty excruciating if it wasn't for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler - my kind of guy. His sarcastic wit makes this film worthwhile.

The Shawshank Redemption
Great film, and one of the most frequent movies listed by people as their favourite. Not much more to say except that I noticed that the story is greatly inspired by Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, which is alluded to in the movie (one of the prisoners mispronounces the author's name as "dumbass"). An awesome novel to inspire a great novella to inspire an excellent film! More than I can say for the latest film adaptation of Dumas' masterpiece (even if it did star Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce).

The Virgin Suicides
On rewatching this I realised something I didn't think of when I first saw it - it has no story. It's a nice little portrait, and has enough to keep you interested, but the lack of real story and the complete void in character development means that it has no emotional resonance. That's why by the end of this one you're wondering why you aren't crying. Awesome soundtrack by Air, though.

The Two Jakes
Highly watchable sequel to the brilliant Chinatown. Don't even think about watching this if you haven't seen the first. My main criticism is that it kind of devalues the impact of the original. If I say any more I'll be spoiling both movies.

The Court Jester
Haven't watched this one yet. Loved it when I was a kid, but I only vaguely remember one scene - the famous "Flagon with the Dragon/Vessel with the Pestle" scene. I hope it's as funny as I remember it being. Ivan seemed to think it was very good, as did the woman at the video store when I hired it.
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