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The Bucks Night

Okay, as the Best Man, I made a speech that everyone misinterpreted (rather amusingly) as meaning that I had slept with Nick's (the buck's) mum.
Beer and pizza was had.
Arcade games were played at Barcode. Since it was an hour of games I played a few games I normally wouldn't - the Star Wars game was good (but would have been expensive because I kept dying) and the fishing game sucked.
More drinks were had.
The Men's Gallery was visited, no paintings by the great masters, but there were certainly a lot of works of art (boom boom). Well, I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't enjoy the shows - so I won't. What I will say is - PHWOARR. Ahem.
Yet more drinks were had.
Nick vomited, a lot - so we dumped him at home to be looked after by someone who wasn't invited - Kim (the fiancee).

Before the night I thought it would be a waste of money to hire a bus, but it was only $10 each and there's something fun about a bunch of rowdy drunken men messing about in a bus between various drinking stops. Many thanks to Tim (Nick's bro) for being our driver.

Now, you might want to read this for lukeii's more thorough, but perhaps more hypocritical view of the night.

Don't deny it Luke. You didn't "enjoy" looking at the naked ladies, you looooved it.

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