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Pretzels Webzine

The webzine is almost ready to start rolling, but I'd love to get some more submissions!
You can e-mail submissions to me at:

If you are interested in receiving updates (I promise they'll be infrequent) please add pretzine to your friends page, as news will be posted there - including announcements about new pieces in the zine as they're posted.

So far I have submissions from lukeii, sinisterglint and Paul (who doesn't have a livejournal... yet) as well as editorials by ayvah my webmaster/sub-editor, and of course myself. But I need more!

Submit anything you like: stories, poems, articles, rants, artwork, photographs, experimental pieces, jokes, comics... anything!
I know there are some creative people out there (I can hear you breathing).

This plea was brought to you by Pretzels Webzine, tasty and addictive!
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