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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Excellent drama/war movie/Russell Crowe vehicle directed by Peter Weir, furthering lukeii's theory that Russ never picks a bad film.
Great acting, excellent story, great directing and cinematography.
Probably the best thing about this film is that it has a large cast of characters, and considering they are all sailors, all of them are unique and fleshed out, which of course means the audience care about them in the inevitable violence.
And it's good to see that Billy Boyd isn't really all that short.
Unfortunately, some of my attention was taken away, because I spent much of the film looking for "scuppers".

The Dark Knight Returns
For those not in the know, this is a Batman comic (comic series/graphic novel) by Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley.
I was lent this by sinisterglint because I hadn't read any Batman comics (or indeed any of the classic superhero comics other than The Phantom and Legion of Superheros).
Well, it was quite an introduction, but I'm guessing this is not actually all that typical of Batman over the last (60?) years.
Very dark, very violent, very cold-war era (1986). I can see how this inspired Tim Burton's vision of Batman.
It's kind of funny to see him in the old blue and grey and yellow batsuit, although the suit does seem to get darker and darker as he replaces the damaged ones, until it is grey and black.
The story does seem to get a bit over-the-top from time-to-time, especially Miller's re-imagining of the Batmobile, and some of the views expressed on the ever-present television broadcasts are so stupid they'd be laughed off the air (the crack-pot psychiatrist particularly), but overall an excellent story and fantastic artwork.
This is my kind of Batman! (I'm yet to see my kind of Superman, the fricken' ponce).

The Court Jester
I almost forgot that I owe you all a review of this classic fillum (aren't you lucky?).
Yes, it was funny. Very.
Even most of the songs were enjoyable thanks to funny lyrics, with only one song being sentimental rubbish.
On watching this I remembered a lot more from watching it as a kid, like the repeated lines of "Get it?" "Got it" "Good".
It has a nicely convoluted and humourous story-line of mistaken identity and intrigue, marred only by a rather unsatisfying (although inevitable) ending.
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