Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Survivor Online

survivor online

First of all I have to say that, yes, this idea was taken from obscurek, but also from my recent viewing of the tv show (yes, that's very sad, I know).

Anyway, the idea is that 16 people will join the community survivor_online, and I will run the competition in a similar fashion to the well-known reality tv show.

The 16 competitors will be split into two tribes and each tribe will compete for immunity - with the losing tribe forced to vote out a member.

When there are 8 competitors left they will compete for individual immunity.

The immunity challenges will vary in nature, and test a number of different skills.
None of the immunity challenges will be speed based, however, and competitors will have at least a week to complete each challenge.

The community will be closed to the 16 competitors, and as each member is voted out they will be booted from the community.
However, you don't have to be a member to post in the community, so feel free to come along and join in the discussion if you are not competing or have been eliminated.

I also encourage participants to take the game into any forum they choose - diplomacy, bribery, lying, alliances - all are encouraged.
You may discuss the competition via personal journals, instant messaging, in real life, etc - anything goes in the battle to keep ahead.
Creating fake journals is not encouraged.

As in the show, the final winner will be decided by the first 14 eliminated competitors, so bear that in mind when you backstab someone.

I will send invites to join the community to the first 16 people to request membership in the comments to this entry.

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