Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

DVD box sets

I was thinking about The Alien Quadrilogy, and how it's such a silly name.
I was wrong about it though, it is different to the Alien Saga box set (and I'm glad I didn't buy that one now).
The Alien Qudrilogy has two versions of each movie!
So, it has Alien and Alien: Special Edition; Aliens and Aliens: Special Edition; Alien3 and Alien3: Special Edition; Alien Resurrection and Alien Resurrection: Special Edition.
The box set has nine discs!

Anyway, back to my original thought (about the stupid name).
When they release a box set of The Matrix trilogy they could call it The Matrices.

And going by the logic of "Quadrilogy", the Police Academy box set should be called The Police Academy Septilogy.

Lord help us, I've not had nearly enough sleep.
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