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We Will Indeed Rock You

Saw the Queen and Ben Elton musical We Will Rock You last night.

I must say that I was extremely skeptical, being a huge Queen fan, I was of the opinion that it was blasphemy for anyone but Freddie to sing these songs.
I am pleased to say that I was proven wrong.

All of the cast sang magnificently, and really brought the songs to life.
There were a few lyric changes here and there to add humour and to fit the story, but I think all due respect was paid to the music and to Freddie's memory.
In fact, the whole play came off as an excellent tribute.

It was really a lot of fun, high energy, a few laughs and awesome music.

Oh, and lots of cleavage. :)

I highly recommend it, although if you're in Melbourne there's not much time left to see it.
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