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Buffy Season Six & other recent acquisitions

In case you don't know, Emily and I have been collecting Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD for some time now, and have been watching the show, in order, without ever really seeing much of it on tv. Until now season 3 had been my favourite, but we recently started on season 6 and I'm starting to change my mind...

Finally, after looking forward to seeing it for some time, we recently watched the musical episode Once More With Feeling.




Made a few purchases today:

The White Stripes - Elephant (Rock is back...)
Jet - Get Born (...big time)

I must say the Jet album dwells in an interesting space between homage, pastiche and plagiarism, but boy, does it rock!

I also bought the core rulebook for Mage: The Ascension.
I am captivated by the concepts within, and would be really keen to play.
Who wants to run a game?
*nudges peachofpain*

Oh, and Happy Valentines DayTM
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