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Rant reprinted from a comment to Jilavre

This is reprinted from a comment I posted to jilavre.
Please note, she didn't say anything anti-Christian to inspire this rant:

Here's a common scenario for me:
Chatting with someone about nothing in particular.
They flippantly say that Christian's are evil.
They almost choke on their chocolate milk when I say "so I'm evil am I?", astonished to discover that I'm a [gasp] Christian.

I'm the first one to bitch about the teachings of certain Christian groups; the bigoted views perpetuated by the claim that "the Bible says so" (when these people clearly can't even read).

I just don't understand why Christians are somehow a free target. If people made the same comments about Muslims or Jews or Aborigines or Librarians or Roleplayers they'd have a dozen people yelling at them for being a bigoted fool.

But on many occasions when someone makes such a comment about Christians, and if I'm not feeling in the mood to pull them up on it (reasoning that my breath is wasted on such people), I can't help but notice that most other people either just ignore this blatant bigotry or kind of nod in agreement.

Let's get it straight:
There are many different types of Christian, not all come to your house with magazines, not all are homophobic, not all tell you that you're going to hell just because you have black clothes on.

There are some Christians that give the rest of us a bad name, but the true meaning of being a Christian is that you love others and treat them with respect. That's all. How can you hate that?

I feel I should reprint this in my main journal now...
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