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Em's LJ, my PC & da NAB

Emily has ostensibly taken up livejournaling again (eec), although I don't know whether she will update regularly or not.
Between that and Tetris I'll be lucky if I ever get her off the computer.
Well, she's at work at the moment.

Going back to work at the bank was a lot easier than I expected.
It seems that all this week I will be processing Express Business Deposits full-time, and only working one hour a day on the counter (during lunch).
In case you were wondering, or care, EBDs are those bags of money/cheques that businesses drop in the slot at the bank rather than going to the counter.
I tell you, it's the writer's life for me, because I'm convinced that any job is 10 times easier if you don't have to deal with the General Public.
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