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25 April 2004 @ 09:48 am
Anzac Day  
I was going to write a rant about how everyone says they are remembering the soldiers that "died for Australia" on Anzac day, and how those that died invading Turkey were in no way protecting this country, but were instead on an imperialist land-grab.

However, a grammatical fluff in this article had me in stiches.

I quote:

"On 25 April 1915 Australia and New Zealand were at war."
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Robet Éivaayvah on April 25th, 2004 04:56 pm (UTC)
Hey, didn't New Zealand scrap its airforce?

Australia would so kick New Zealand's arse. :P
Trenthopskip on April 28th, 2004 04:04 am (UTC)
Australian soldiers in Turkey were defending Russia's sea lanes, not making a land grab. But *not defending Australia* is technically correct. but we wern't actually attacking as Australia either. rather as Brittan.
Jacobyak_boy on April 29th, 2004 02:51 pm (UTC)
Actually, I meant that the entire war was about imperialism, not just that particular conflict.

I am fully appreciative of the sacrifices made by soldiers in WWII to preserve our freedom, it just pisses me off that journalists never mention the fact that there was no good reason for our soldiers (or anyone else) to die in WWI.