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Survey Says...

After goddamn Internet Explorer crashed after I had filled in all my answers (why was I even using IE?), here is the survey.
Read my answers, then go fill in the survey yourself. I'll be interested to see how many of my friends are right-wing scum-bags.

Abortion?:A tiny clump of cells is not a human life. Early term abortion should be considered a form of contraception.
Death Penalty?:An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Also, life imprisonment is a much harsher penalty than the quick release of death.
Prostitution?:Can be a trap of poverty and drug abuse. But, in a safe brothel environment, I have no moral objection. A guy like me just has no need. :)
Alcohol?:Is the world's most deadly drug. I enjoy it heartily. Adults should have the right to make up their own minds, like with all drugs.
Marijuana?:Is, I believe, a lot safer than the usual booze/tobacco combo. It is stupid that 1/3 of the pop. are criminals because of pot. It's socially acceptable, so why is it illegal?
Other drugs?:Decriminalisation is the answer. It would help prevent bloody mob wars, and heroin addicts should be in hospital, not jail. Adults should have the right of informed choice.
Gay marriage?:Is no different to straight marriage.
Illegal immigrants?:There's a big difference between refugees and illegal immigrants. Anyone claiming refugee status should be integrated in the community while their claim is checked, not caged.
Smoking?:Should be banned in ALL public places. YOUR carcinogens, MY lungs, FUCK OFF. When will the pollies realise that smokers are a minority? Banning smoking will WIN elections.
Drunk driving?:Should have a mandatory prison term. First offence - two weeks, no driving for a year. 2nd - two months, no driving for 3 years. 3rd - two years, no driving EVER AGAIN.
Cloning?:Is not the hot issue everyone seems to think, I see no real ethical problem with cloning. Human Genetic Engineering however... Sieg Heil!
Racism?:Is about as clever as arguing about Military Grey or Ocean Grey.
Premarital sex?:I enjoy it frequently. I don't think this is a moral issue with anyone under 50, unless they spend their weekends door-knocking.
Religion?:People should follow their hearts, and not the dogma of organised religion. I speak as a Christian that has rejected the doctrine of pretty much all Christian churches.
The war in Iraq?:Sheer hypocrisy. Iraq had no weapons or terrrorism links. If it was about ousting a dictator we have a LOT of countries to invade. Let's start with the USA.
Bush?:Mmm... yummy. Wait, you mean the insane war criminal. Life imprisonment is the only just punishment.
Downloading music?:I do it occasionally, but I feel guilty about it. :)
The legal drinking age?:Should be whatever age is deemed adulthood. I don't understand the hypocrisy of some countries that deem adulthood to be one age for some things and another age for others.
Porn?:Assuming we're talking about the kind with consenting adults, I'm all for it. Part of a healthy fantasy life.
Suicide?:Is the ultimate act of selfishness. Take the easy way out and leave your friends and family to do the cleaning up (sometimes literally).

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!
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