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I guess my favourite band of all time has to be The Beatles, and pretty much their entire catalogue is made up of great songs.

However, at least the early stuff didn't necessarily have the greatest of lyrics.

Which got me thinking.

What bands, artists or songwriters have the best lyrics?

Off the top of my head:

Bob Dylan (the obvious number one choice)
Crowded House
Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)
Aimee Mann
Pink Floyd

What else do people think?

I find it interesting that there are all these posters and t-shirts proclaiming Jim Morrison to be the "Greatest American Poet".
Without arguing the relative merits of Walt Whitman or Edgar Allan Poe, let's just look at Morrison's work alone:

The time to hesitate is through,
no time to wallow in the mire.
Try now we can only lose
and our love become a funeral pyre.
Come on baby, light my fire.

Probably The Doors most famous song, yet (as poetry) it's the worst kind of doggerel.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of The Doors musically.

Anyway, I digress.
My point really was to see who others thought were/are great lyricists.
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