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Right v Far-Right, your choice at the next Federal Election

Click here and get angry.

Dear Ms Roxon, Mr Tanner and Mr Latham,

As you are the Shadow Attorney General, my Local Member and the Leader of the Opposition, respectively, I am writing to you all to express my disgust at the
apparent support the Labor Party is giving to John Howard's bigoted push to ban the marriage of Australian Citizens based upon their sexual preference.

I have been opposed to the right-wing politics of the Liberal party since before I was eligible to vote, and always viewed the Labor Party as the antithesis
of this. I am sad to say that lately you have been proving me wrong. This most recent bigoted push by Howard towards the far-right should be the ultimate test
of the Labor Party, to see whether you really do stand for equality for all citizens. I would hate for you to fail this test.

I understand that the Labor Party may see this as an election issue that they can't win, but as with the Tampa issue at the last election, I can only warn you
that taking the side of the Liberals is only going to lose votes for Labor. Whilst Labor is understandably keen to garner some of the swinging conservative
vote, you are at severe risk of losing touch with your traditional left-wing voter base. The more the two-party choice becomes a choice between right and far-
right, the more voters are going to move towards alternative parties, namely the Greens.

I truly believe that, in the future, Labor will have more to worry about from the Greens than from the Liberals. Whatever gains you may make in the
conservative sector are going to be lost two-fold as you alienate the left-wing vote. Please remember that you can only make so much headway in the right
before you become a Liberal Party clone, but you have everything to lose in the left.

I used to identify myself as a Labor voter, but the more you move to take up the bigoted, racist and homophobic policies of the Liberals, the more I will
identify with the far-left. I don't think I am alone. I really believe that, if Labor continues down this path, not only will they lose the next election, but
they will lose their status as opposition to the Greens.

I hope, for the sake of not only this election, but many more to come, that you reconsider your stance on gay marriage. The proposed bill is discriminatory on
a very fundamental issue, in an age where more and more people (not less) are accepting of homosexual relationships. If you don't believe me, just watch some
reality television. Would shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or The Block be so popular if the public was opposed to homosexual unions?

For the sake of equality, if not for the sake of the Labor Party, oppose this bill.

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Coughlan
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