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Ramblings (For Saph)

Well, it's been a week of bad news, I don't think I feel like going into details here though.
But my thoughts and prayers are with a whole lot of different people at the moment.
I don't think prayers can be spread too thin though.

Anyway, as last_reprise pointed out, I've had nothing but quizzes in my journal for a while, though she didn't put it so nicely, likening my journal to some kind of murky bog.

Of course she likened her own journal to a different kind of murky bog, but I digress.

Actually, why not digress? Why not ramble in a kind of "stream of consciousness" kind of way?

I'm going to try on suits next week, since I'm best man at "My Best Friend's Wedding".
Haven't seen that movie actually, I avoided it because it looked, how do you say?
Faecesdwelling. Borryabode. Crapresidence. Shithouse.

I like the word Borry, it's such a unique- I almost said euphemism then, but it's more of a dysphemism.
It's almost Barry, like my uncle.

I friend of mine once pissed themselves laughing when I told them I had an Uncle Barry.
What's so funny about the name Barry? I'm still wondering to this day.
But I don't think they were laughing at the similarity to Borry.

Got an Officeworks catalogue in the mailbox.
I'm looking at the laptops and wishing I had a couple of thousand bucks to spend.
Or even a few hundred so I could buy a PDA.

Damn this being poor!

I was working full-time last year, so I could have saved up and bought a new computer.
But, saving is something I'm just not good at.

Seriously, I spent like every cent I earned, and I don't think I have anything to show for it that cost more than one week's salary.
I would own a few more expensive items if I'd been paid fortnightly.

Such is life, Saph, such is life.
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