Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Happy 5th of July

What's with Yanks not knowing the name of their national holiday?
I mean, why do they insist on wishing people a "Happy 4th of July"?
It's called "Independence Day", you know, like the movie.

Maybe next "Australia Day" I'll wish people a "Happy 26th of January".
That's if I'm not too busy bringing to people's attention that we're celebrating the invasion of a country and the ensuing attempted genocide.

Of course, it's hilarious that Americans celebrate "Thanksgiving", a holiday about a friendly meal with the natives of the country they invaded. That way, they can pretend that the genocide never happened.

"What have the Injuns got to complain about? They got them there cashinos."

But, back to "Independence Day".
As we all know, it's a celebration of the day that a bunch of rich, white slave-owners decided they were sick of paying tax and they were willing to go to war over it.

Not surprising, really, considering history shows that the United States is willing to go to war over the most imaginary of reasons.

The US went to Korea and Vietnam because of an international Communist conspiracy that didn't exist, and they (and us, sadly) are up to their armpits in Iraq looking for:

A) Weapons of Mass Destruction that don't exist.
B) A terrorist leader that isn't there.

Hell, I'd be willing to wager that Osama bin Laden has never been to Iraq in his entire life.

But, I guess the point is that the average citizen of the "free world" can't tell the difference between one camel-jockey and the next.

Anyway, America, enjoy your freedom and independence, warm in the glow of another country liberated.

Death is the ultimate freedom.
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