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Strange Dream

Last night (or this morning more accurately) I had a weird dream.

I was driving parakleta's car, but it was a pastel yellow Kingswood.
He was the passanger and we were driving down this two-lane highway.
For some reason I was driving very recklessy, changing lanes willy-nilly,
I think I even clipped a car or two, but nothing serious and we didn't stop.
So, we're in the left-hand lane, and the right-hand lane for some reason is
chocka-block full of cars, yet I decided it's time to change lanes again.
Bam! Straight into the side of a red car in the next lane, spinning him
across both the right and left lanes off the left shoulder of the highway.
I keep driving quite a way up the road before pulling over and reversing
the car along the shoulder back to the scene of the accident.
Neither myself or Parakleta are concerned, with the attitude that the
insurance will cover it, so who gives a shit.
Needless to say the other driver is pissed off to the max.
But I speak to him in an extremely flippant way still, and suggest that
we'd better exchange info. The insurance companies will work it out.
Who gives a fuck.

I find this whole dream very disturbing.
I think crashing into someone else while driving is one of my biggest concerns.

What could this dream mean?
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