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Dusty Old MS-DOS Games and Super-duper RPGs

So, Emily was going on about this old game, CD-Man (a Pac Man clone).
I went looking for it on DOS abandonware sites and downloaded it.

I loaded it up on my old computer (Pentium 1 equivalent (how did I ever live like that?)), but of course 100MHz was too fast for it (ha! (actually, I'm not sure how fast the old dinosaur was, so feel free to correct me by telling me the speed range of a Pentium 1).

Anyway, I downloaded MoSlo and started fiddling with it, but it still either ran too fast or totally glitched out.

Enter the 2GHz machine.
I crush Emily's dreams of ever again playing CD-Man by pointing out that if it didn't run on the Pentium 1 equivalent, it's hardly going to run on the Pentium 4 equivalent (and just in case you're wondering, for the word "equivalent" read AMD).

After crushing Emily's dreams of reliving former glory, I decide to embark a brand new quest of discovery - the world of games that wouldn't have run on the old dinosaur because of the opposite problem.

Finally, I can play the sequel to one of my all-time favourite games, Daggerfall.
Yes, that's right, I'm playing Morrowind.
It doesn't run fantastically well, what with my lack of a decent video card, but it runs well enough.

Anyway, I decided to head over to the Elder Scrolls website, to see what downloadables were on offer.
Lo and behold, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Elder Scrolls saga, they are giving away the first chapter, Arena, for free.
What's the catch?
Weren't you paying attention? It's ten years old.
So, presumably it was designed to run on a 20MHz processor, not a 2000MHz one.

Now, do they suggest running MoSlo at 1%?
No, they give directions to download a DOS emulator.

Me = flabbergasted.

I mean, duh, of course you can emulate an old DOS computer.
It's not like I'm new to the concept of emulators, I've been playing with Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Genesis and arcade emulators for years.

Anyway, upshot is, I downloaded CD-Man and it works perfectly.

Get the DOS emulator, DOSBox, here.
Get The Elder Scrolls: Arena here.
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