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67 Special

So, Emily works with this guy Louis (French pronunciation, like Interview with the Vampire). Anyway, Louis is in a band, and for a long time we've been meaning to go to one of his gigs, but have never made it for one reason or another. More and more I had been hearing that the band was doing quite well, like when they opened for Killing Heidi and were given a better review than the title act in a local street mag. This all sounded promising, but I still hadn't heard these guys.

Emily and I had finally organised to go and see them at a gig, last Friday at The Public Bar (of all places!). However, on the Thursday, as I was driving Emily to work, the radio was on Triple J (as per usual) and the announcer said they were playing a track by '67 Special'. Emily said it was Louis's band, and I turned up the volume (Louis's looks so wrong).

Not only were they on Triple J, but they were good. Little did I know how good they were.

Friday night rolls around. After a fantastic vegetarian dinner at the Moroccan Soup Kitchen, we head out to The Public Bar. We paid our $5 cover, enjoyed a few bevvies and, sadly, saw Essendon take an almighty shellacking on the big screen. Eventually, it was time for the band to take the stage.

Did I say these guys were good?
Sorry. My mistake.
These guys are fucking awesome.
Rock is alive and well, and its name is 67 Special.

I particularly enjoyed their opening instrumental, and it's later reprise.
A really great chance for them to rock out and get the crowd pumping for the awesome songs to follow.

One of the most striking things about this band is how much they look the part. That may sound silly, but I think it's important for a rock band. Their lead guitarist has an awesome white man's 'fro, and plays some killer riffs with a lot of energy. Energy is really what this band is all about, and showmanship. Every member really gets into it, even Louis who is sitting at the keyboards.

But, the true essence of the band's showmanship is the lead singer. This guy really looks the rock 'n' roll part. The energy this guy gives off is infectious. He plays rhythm guitar, and when he gets jamming the crowd gets to see his "O-face". I'm serious. It's fucking awesome.

Anyway, an amazing live performance from a band that will rival Jet as Melbourne's best.

Their debut EP, Hey There Bomb, is launching at the Evelyn hotel in Fitzroy on the 6th of August. I'd like to organise a big group to go along, so let me know if you want to go. It'll be awesome.

67 Special homepage
The Evelyn Hotel

Did I mention these guys are awesome?
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