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While the cat's away, the mice get bored.

So, Emily left for Thailand about 24 hours ago.
Already I'm starting to worry about my ability to cope.
My main concern, originally, was if I'd be okay looking after the cat, but she's pretty easy to please, and she's very good at letting me know when she wants something (either food or fun, basically).

Now, I'm worried about boredom.
I come home to an empty flat, with no-one but the cat to give me company, and after 24 hours I already feel lost for what to do with myself.
I feel like I am really getting to know what the word "vegetating" means.

I mean, I'm basically doing all the usual things that I do when I'm alone (play computer games, watch TV/DVDs...), but I've already spent more time than usual doing these things. If I spend all my free time on the PC, I'm going to go either mad or both.

So, who wants to come over and entertain me?

Visitors would be good too, because they might give me a reason to wash the dishes and stop them from turning into a teetering pile of filth.
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