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Everything but the kitchen sink

There's something that has always bugged me.
Why is it, that in most older homes (this flat included), the bathroom and kitchen sink tap arrangements seem to be backwards?

What I mean is this:

The bathroom sink has two seperate faucets.

While the kitchen sink has only one faucet.

Although, not usually with such stunning stone work.

This, to me, is quite obviously backwards.

Most times when I'm using the kitchen sink, it is to wash the dishes.
Since I am filling the sink before using it, it doesn't matter if the hot and cold water come out of seperate faucets, since they will mix in the sink.

Most times when I am using the bathroom sink, it is to wash my hands.
I don't have time to fill the sink every time I need to wash my hands (not to mention the wasted water).
Therefore, I am washing my hands directly under the faucet.
Since there are seperate hot and cold faucets, I have two options: freeze my hands under the cold, or burn them under the hot.
Needless to say, I usually freeze them, although the hot generally gives you a small window of warm to work with.

Quite clearly, these sink arrangements are arse-backwards.

So, why is this the usual arrangement for most houses built, say, pre-1980s?
Did people in the past fill the sink every time they washed their hands?

What is the deal?
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