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25 August 2004 @ 02:16 pm
Icon quota conquered (let's try that again)  
I have finally reached my icon quota.

No, not 3.
No, not 15.
I have 50 icons.

Go icon boy, it's your birthday.

So, gratuitously, I present all 50 icons, in chronological order (from oldest to newest), their keywords and what they mean to me.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the best TV show ever.
I have no doubts about this.
The Gentlemen were vying with Der Kindestod for creepiest monster.
This is a nice, simple animation.
Few frames, so good resolution.


Why is the keyword badge and not Beatles?
I used to have a different Beatles icon, but it sucked.
I love the Beatles, as the badge says.
Best band ever, I don't care what you say.


I like dragons, what can I say?
I have a dragon collection (well, statues of dragons).


I'm a Ravenclaw through-and-through.
This was meant to be a little "surprise" animation.
With a suggestive message.
Oooh, "do it".


I kind of like bowling, but really I like the Coen brothers more.
The Big Lebowski rox my sox.


That's me in them there funny glasses.
It's also a parody (homage, perhaps) of the cover for The Big Lebowski soundtrack.


Funniest Disney character ever.
The Emperor's New groove was a pretty good movie.
Kronk made it a great movie.


Yep, my livejournal can get pretty explicit sometimes.
Like when I state that I don't like George W, rather than just imply it.


When two passions collide.
I love mafia movies and I love British comedy.


Play Buttonmen


Evil Cartman.
In a state of self loathing, I decided I looked a lot like him.


I use this to denote when I'm being foolish.
I love the artwork on traditional Tarot cards.


My favourite beer.
I like beer.


I'm a writer.
I like dragons.
It's a neat animation.
I can't remember where I stole it from.


Strangely, I haven't had much use for this icon.
It's for when I want to ignore someone.
Otters are just too cute.


Ah, Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.
Icon of mediocrity.
And he has a cool spoon.


The first of several Monty Python icons.
I stole the frames for this from last_reprise.
That's why the foot is squashed.
I think that's a great photo of the Python crew.


Really, that should be graffitto.
I was just messing around with fonts and textures in Photoshop.


So, I mentioned my dragon collection.
Something that really irks me are those cute widdle baby dragons that some people collect.
Dragons are fierce monsters that breath flame and eat people.
They aren't puppy dogs.
And, no, baby reptiles do not look cute.
They look slimy.
They certainly don't have eyes like that.


Emily says "hello, moley" when I don't have my glasses on.
I made this icon after a morning spent turning the flat upside-down looking for the damn things.


A cool little animation from the Wizards of the Coast website.
This time it was being given away (rather than being stolen).


Messing about with Photoshop and Gif Movie Gear.
Yes, it's more Python. As is:


Another attempt at a "surprise' animation.
If you don't like Python, you won't like:


[Insert Cleese's dead parrot rant here]
The only problem with this icon is that the parrot's meant to be a Norwegian Blue.
Beautiful plumage.


My anime style avatar from when I had long hair.


A minotaur.
It's a play on the whole Yak Boy thing.

south park/old

My South Park avatar from when I had long hair.
Did I mention I like beer?


Look at me, all political.


Very kitsch.
I got this from an icon community.
_nocredit I think.


Brad Pitt.
Sex symbol and great actor.
Terry Gilliam.
Genius, Python, not sex symbol.


Groundhog Day.
For some reason I find myself watching this film over and over again.


Better than the Simpsons.
What? You wanna fight about it?


Genius; egotist.
Pity he's dead.


This is my favourite line from one of my favourite movies of all time.
I think that screencap captures the moment pretty well.


The two ladies in my life.
Emily and Lucy.
I love them both, but I only have sex with one.
Can you guess which?


The base is from a community.
I love films, and I want to be a screenwriter.


Futurama is a brilliant TV show.
Zoidberg is the best character on it.

south park

Post-haircut South Park avatar.
I've still got the beer though (and the beard).


Post-haircut anime style avatar.
Don't I look happy?


I find the concept of Hell laughable.
Michelangelo was an amazing artist though.
This is a great portrayal of someone realising that Hell is real, and he's going there.


Okay, so this is my attempt at an animation with a narrative.
Yes, I know, it sucks llama balls.


A very mature looking avatar.
Note the beer.
Also note how skinny I look.


Hypno-toad is the best character on Futurama.
Got it?


My super-deformed avatar.
It's just cute beyond words.
Pity it doesn't look all that much like me.


Did I mention I like beer?
Homer Simpson, my kind of guy!


These guys are going places.
Go buy their EP.


This icon is for exclusive use when I am moderating battlepoll


More BritCom.
Red Dwarf is brilliant.


Anyone for chess?
The universe is an amazing place.
Go check it out at NASA'a Astronomy Picture of the day.


Did I mention that Buffy was the best TV show ever?
Well, this is probably the best scene ever.
Um... the funniest anyway.
And, yes, it's kind of hard to make out what's going on in the animation.
Just take my word for it, they are as gods.

Phew. If anyone reads all this, I'll be very surprised.
Outlier Manlukeii on August 24th, 2004 11:12 pm (UTC)
Be very surprised
ephant on August 24th, 2004 11:22 pm (UTC)
doubly so
Jacobyak_boy on August 24th, 2004 11:28 pm (UTC)
Well, I am prone to hyperbole.

I'm actually not all that surprised.
parakleta on August 25th, 2004 12:20 am (UTC)
Triply so.
Jacobyak_boy on August 25th, 2004 12:23 am (UTC)
Well, quadruply, but anyway...
Prisspr1ss on August 24th, 2004 11:45 pm (UTC)
The dammed one is HOT.
Jacobyak_boy on August 24th, 2004 11:55 pm (UTC)
Um, yeah.
He's one sexy tormented soul.
captured heartfairel on August 25th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC)
Ha I love your current Icon! I was thinking it was from Buffy but I wasn't sure until I read your icons list. That scene was hilarious and yes all should see Buffy and bow to it's brilliance and great humor.
Jacobyak_boy on August 25th, 2004 01:50 pm (UTC)
When I get around to it, I'm going to re-do that icon.
It's just too damn hard to see what's in the picture.