Jacob (yak_boy) wrote,

Anyone speak Italian?

Okay, so I've been watching The Sopranos a lot lately (because the DVDs are half price at the moment, so you should go out, right now, and buy them all).
Anyway, this one particular word keeps popping up, that the characters say.
It is usually said as an interjection, expressing something like exasperation.
The word, as far as I can figure from listening, is "marrone".

Now, according to Babelfish, "marrone" translates as "brown".
Therefore, I am assuming that it translates more accurately as "shit", but I can't be sure.
I may have the spelling totally wrong.

So, if anyone reading this has any idea what this word may be, and what it means, let me know.

I will be seeing someone who actually is Italian, so I can find out for sure from him, but in the meantime I thought I'd pick the brains of y'all out there in LJ-land.
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