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20 September 2004 @ 03:01 pm
Mood theme  
I'm currently working on my own mood theme.

I got the idea after Googling for mood themes and discover a website that had a "mixed fandom" theme, that was essentially pictures from films and TV series that the creator happened to like.

So, I'm just pulling vidcaps from my DVD collection.

How do you like my punny "chipper" mood icon?
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Outlier Manlukeii on September 19th, 2004 10:29 pm (UTC)
It'd probably be better if I could actually make out what the hell it was.
Mr Sinisterglintsinisterglint on September 20th, 2004 12:39 am (UTC)
It's Steve Buscemi being fed into a woodchipper...oh, I get it: chipper! LOL!!!
Outlier Manlukeii on September 20th, 2004 12:46 am (UTC)
How did you make that out?
Outlier Manlukeii on September 20th, 2004 12:47 am (UTC)
Oooh - I can sorta see what might be a sock near the bottom of the screen - is it a sock?
Mr Sinisterglintsinisterglint on September 20th, 2004 12:53 am (UTC)
That or Denmark. Or maybe a photo of the last extant Tasmania Tiger.
Jacobyak_boy on September 22nd, 2004 05:17 pm (UTC)
It's a sock, or more importantly a foot, being pushed into a woodchippper by a block of wood.

I considered using the wide shot with all the blood on the snow, but it was even harder to make out what the hell was going on.
Robet Éivaayvah on September 23rd, 2004 11:55 pm (UTC)
Maybe you need to up the contrast a bit.
Jessjess2903 on September 22nd, 2004 01:13 am (UTC)
what exactly does 'chipper' mean?
Mr Sinisterglintsinisterglint on September 22nd, 2004 05:51 am (UTC)
chipper: n [chi-per] One who makes chips.
Jacob: zoidbergyak_boy on September 22nd, 2004 05:16 pm (UTC)
Chipper means happy and perky.
The icon is a "pune" as Terry Pratchett would say.