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One of my cousins got married on Saturday.
So, I had to have some kind of swanky outfit.
No problem, I still have the suit I wore to the last cousin's wedding.
However, I have to get a new shirt and tie, to make it look like it's a brand new outfit.

Anyway, eec and I had a hell of a time in Myer trying to find a shirt and tie combo that a) fit me and b) looked good.

After much fruitless searching we got hold of a saleswoman (she turned out to be a horrible saleswoman, but that's not the point of this story).
The point of the story is that, when we told her I had a grey suit, the first thing she reccomended was a pink shirt.

Okay, put aside the fact that pink is a colour I will never wear, and turn your attention to the reaction of both eec and myself.
At the same time we both thought, "why would I/Jacob want to look like a galah?"

For those not in the know, a galah is a type of Australian parrot:

Furthermore, "galah" is also used as a synonym for a fool, as in "that guy's a total galah".

So, why the fuck is it fashionable to dress in the colours of this ignoble bird?
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