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The Simpsons on a nice, new couch.

New couch arrived, it's quite large and, most surprising, quite tall. My mother bought it as an engagement present, so I didn't see it until the delivery men arrived this morning. So we now have two couches: old, uncomfortable, but containg spare bed couch and new, comfy, huge couch. Not bad for a one-bedroom flat. Thanks again mum.

They had the frog-licking episode of the Simpsons on last night. "I'm not not licking frogs."

I'm sure that even Channel Ten has recognised that the new series of the Simpsons is shite, since they seem to be showing three new episodes a week (on top of the 7 re-runs a week) in an effort to get the series over with. It's ironic, the animation is tip-top best ever, but the stories just don't hold water. I think the problem is that the show is no longer about the Simpson family and is now just about "what wild and wacky adventure can we put this group of six core characters in this week?" You no longer care what happens to the family because it's gone beyond implausible. It's not the scenarios that are any more implausible than usual (take Tomacco, Homer fleeing the country because he pledged $10,000 to PBS, Homer being mistaken for Bigfooot, Disney-style robot parade going on a murderous rampage, etc...) it's the way the characters relate to each other that doesn't sit right. It's hard to pin down, but somehow the new series just doesn't feel right, time to put the ol' horse down I'm afraid.
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