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TAFE, best intentions and the need for speed.

I received a call from RMIT today, to arrange an interview for next week for the screenwriting course.
I'm very excited.
I've already decided that if I don't get into this course I'm not going to do any other study next year, so I better get in or else I might have to get a real job or something.

This week marks the end of the Professional Writing & Editing course, and I'm feeling a lot more burnt out than I expected.

Which brings me around to NaNoWriMo.

I always knew that NaNoWriMo was poorly timed, in that it takes place during the final month of the tertiary education year.
I had grand plans to finish all my assignments by last Thursday, and then start jamming on the novel, having lost only 4 days.
As much as this is just another excuse to not write, I'm just feeling like it's time for me to kick back and chill, after two years of hard study.
I know that I need to get serious about being a writer, but burning myself out (when I'm already feeling burnt out) is probably not the way to do it.

Besides, I'm way too distracted by my new ADSL connection.

(Spot the real reason I'm pussying out of NaNoWriMo.)

Oh, and check out my new icon.
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