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Is anyone else out there an Übergeek?

I'm currently playing Diplomacy by e-mail.

The biggest problem that I can see with this method of playing is that it's all too easy to forget to talk to everyone, or to leave it too late (what with different timezones).
In face-to-face Diplomacy, there's more of an urgency in getting to talk to everybody, so communication actually does happen.

The second biggest problem is that it takes such a long time to play a game.

The biggest advantage in e-mail Diplomacy is that you have time to think about your moves.
In fact, you have time to think about your moves, your opponents moves and every possible outcome.
That means you can really make the best strategic move possible.

The second biggest advantage is that it's a lot easier to lie via e-mail, then face-to-face.

Anyway, the upshot of all this, is that I want to play some face-to-face Diplomacy.
Preferably not by going to a Diplomacy club or what-not where I'll be a newcomer, as well as a novice, and just get my butt handed to me.

Who (in Melbourne) would be interested in playing?
I'm thinking it would have to be a weekend, during the day, allowing plenty of time for the game to play out.
So, is anyone out there geek enough to take me on?
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